Pussel Widegren

Technical Gameplay Designer


Passing Gate

My contribution: Game Design | Technical Design | Level design | Cutscenes | Narrative design | Visual Scripting | Sound & Music

Passing Gate, is a 3D top-down isometric action platformer heavily inspired by the combat and aesthetics of Death’s Door along with the movement of Hyperlight Drifter.

This game was made over a one month period for the Futuregames Game Project 4, with the goal of making a challenging and concise platforming experience with a clear objective and satisfying end.

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Team size: 6 people
Project length: 4 weeks

A game of Cheese

My contribution: Product owner | Game Design | Technical Game Design | Puzzle design | Level design | Visual Scripting | Sound & Music

Take control of a rat in search of food in this first person parkour open world game set in a dirty drug basement in Albuquerqe. Use a rat’s parkour skills and heightened smell to search the basement for loot and solve environmental puzzles. The path is open and the player decides where to go and in which order.

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Team size: 9 people
Project length: 6 weeks


Here is a collection of smaller projects.

Void Run

Gameplay Design | Technical Game Design | Level design | Visual scripting | Sound & Music

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Lighthouse Isles

Solo project

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D.A.V.E's Odyssey

Product owner | Gameplay Design | Puzzle design | Level design | Narrative design | Programming

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About me

With several years of experience from film production and web development I have gotten used to work in both small and big teams and the value of collaboration in digital media.

Storytelling and the many different ways you can express a story has always been a great passion of mine. Whenever I experience a story that moves me or surprises me, I get this feeling that I want to explore the craft behind it. Games, compared to film as a narrative tool, are quite new and fresh to the world. To me the most powerful moments in games are not told through dialogue, text or scripted cut-scenes but in player interactions and moment to moment gameplay.

That's why I'm all about technical design and creating gameplay that makes the player feel.

Contact info:

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Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Git, Bitbucket, Perforce, Audacity, Logic Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Sketch, InDesign

C#, PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS, React, jQuery

Literature Science, Documentary film A+B, Motion picture A+B+C, Film history, Game Design at Future Games.

Film work: As a film maker I've competed with films in several festivals and also created short films and music videos that have amounted to over a million views on YouTube.
Check out the teaser for my next film releasing at festivals in 2022.

Web development work: In web design and web programming I have worked with big clients such as McDonalds, Nike, Universal and more. This portfolio was designed and coded from scratch by me.